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Wil’s goal, as your Personal Fitness Trainer, is to improve your overall Quality of Life (QOL)through proper eating habits and fitness. Wil’s clientele range from 17 year to 66, with training emphasis on improving weight management, flexibility, balance, core strength, aerobic capacity, and strength training. His goal is not only to improve the client’s outer strength, but ensuring the clients inner strength (core), flexibility, balance and aerobic capacity are improved. C lients are extremely happy with their results because WilPower Fitness takes the time to ensure every client understands the overall fundamentals of all areas of training, ensuring that clients do not get hurt. WilPower Fitness is 100% committed to helping the client achieve their fitness and health goals in a healthy and clean environment. Every client will be evaluated, at no extra charge, on their overall health; including blood pressure, health history, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and body composition. At my home gym I train one client at a time and also can train at a clients house, if requested. Clients are also provided unique workout schedules to use at home or their health club when not training at WilPower Fitnesss. Fitness and Health services include:

  • Personal Fitness Training: WilPower Fitness trains clients that have never worked out to clients that have been athletes or have had fitness trainers for several years. Clients can feel comfortable that WilPower Fitness will assess their overall conditioning level, state of health, and work carefully and progressively to provide a fitness program that improves overall fitness of the unique individual. Working one on one, with no other clients in the gym, provides a unique and focused training experience and results in a more productive workout. A training session normally last 90 minutes.
  • Seminars: Wil has and can provide presentations at weekly business meetings/workshops to discuss health and fitness topics to motivate employees to improve their eating and fitness habits. Numerous topics for your Meetings/and workshops can be covered. If your company is interested in a Personal Fitness/Health workshop or motivational speaker please call (858)837-4438.
  • Body Building: WilPower Fitness has worked with clients that want to lose weight, tone their bodies, and improve their overall strength. Most clients are Baby Boomers and concerned about their bone density, weight gain, pain, and their inability to be active. WilPower Fitness will provide weight management suggestions and work with the client to improve their overall physique including muscle strength and aerobic capacity.
  • Senior Programs: WilPower Fitness works with senior citizens to improve their overall Quality of Life (QOL). I understand that an older adult in his late 50′s/early 60′s who has been inactive for years and is 40 pounds overweight, has never been athletic and has never lifted weights is concerned about looking uncoordinated, and worried about getting injured. My clients workout in a private environment where they are comfortable. I am knowledgeable about strength training for older adults, and understand their aches and pains. Strength training can play an important part in gaining muscle, reducing fat, increasing the clients metabolic rate , relieving arthritic pain, lowering resting heart rate,boosting confidence level, beating depression, and improving lipid levels. It’s a great way to look and feel better.


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