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Dr. Curtis Chan, DDS

My take on Wil G – THE BEST !! My take on working out …at first I hated it…didn’t want to do it…now I can’t live without it. Wil Gorrie will not only get you back into shape and to living a healthier lifestyle, he will also make the whole process fun and entertaining !  He has all the latest in gym equipment and knows all the latest in personal training techniques…plus his place is incredibly clean.  He will gear a work out program that works best for you…

You’ve got to get started NOW !!!  (I sound like a commercial for Wil G)….actually I know you’ll get results from working with him…plus the investment in time and money on personal training with Wil G will pay off in dividends that are priceless….
Curtis Chan DDS


Dan Gardner

Wil, Great pix of you and your new base of operations! As a very satisfied client of yours (in better shape than I’ve been in years), I wish you the very best in your “new chapter”.


Your enthusiasm for fitness makes all the difference in the workout. I actually look forward to my workouts with you.

Jay C

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback –I Found the Newsletter to be informative and easy to read–The length is “purrrrrfect” –Great Job– Also, I’m getting a great deal out of our weekly sessions–I’ve already lost a few pounds and my “Bod” is feeling “a lot looser” since I started the program.

Tom S

Wil, thanks for the presentation you did for our office. In our business, we get so busy that it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. The information you provided was eye-opening, and the few simple tips you gave us have really made a difference. Folks around here are inspired to take better care of themselves!
You should be giving that presentation to as many busy professionals as you can get in front of!


I very much enjoy my workouts two days a week with Wil. He is very personable and is great to be around. He motivates me to push myself and has helped me tremendously over the past few months getting my out-of-shape body looking much better! I would recommend WilPower Fitness to anyone. Wil is “da man” when it comes to personal trainers.

Rose R

This past January I hit the big 50 and took a really hard look at myself from a physical and nutritional standpoint. Instead of silly gifts I asked my family for a personal trainer for a year! I was so lucky to have found Wil. I intereviewed several trainers and selected Wil for his high energy and great personality as well as his professionalism and knowledge. Working out with Wil has enabled me to lose 16 pounds and 6 inches off my waist alone! I love the one on one training in his private facility. Wil encourages me to push myself and I love how strong I have become. I actually look forward to my workouts with Wil and I know that with his continued support I will reach all my health and weight goals! Thanks Wil, you truly are the best! I highly recommend WilPower Fitness to anyone who is serious about improving thier health and appearance!

Timothy Gorrie

Wil is an incedible trainer and brother. I started working out 25 years
ago and continue to train daily thanks to Wil.


Barb G

In March of 2007, after continuous prodding from Wil, I began training one time a week with Wil. With his guidance and continuous encouragement I started Weight Watchers, lost 16 pounds and began to see a measurable difference in my body’s definition. In addition, I felt better than ever before. My energy level has increased 3 fold from 2007 and I feel great. My BMI went from 31.7 to 22.5%. Thanks Wil, for providing the continual encouragement and recognition that I needed to make it through the hurdles. Barb G.


Marilyn Carlin, M.D.

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other users. Thanks for all the help you have given me.

Details of the Recommendation: “Wil is a very dedicated and focused trainer. He has gone out of his way to attend conferences and expand his knowledge into every aspect of his client’s physical and health needs. He not only is a superb trainer – focusing on balance and core training, but he is also comfortable discussing nutrition, exercise outside of his gym and other aspects of a healthy life style. He is able to work with clients that are no longer young and may have physical disabilities. In my own case, his work has helped me to avoid a shoulder surgery, quit tripping and falling, and lose weight. He is truly a joy to know and to work with.”
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Year first hired: 2005
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Stephen Williams

“Wil designs individualized workout programs tailored to each person and their goals. He’s well educated and experienced in personal training, and he has a great gym setup. Wil has me in better shape now than I’ve ever been, and I look forward to my workouts!”

Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value


Click here to leave a testimonial of your own!

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